1. How to make remote debug of Tizen app with Virtual Box?

    Couple week ago I decided to test Tizen framework and started developing sample application. And I faced with problem of poor performance of virtual device for debug on my Linux. I need to tell that I use such layout: Windows 7 as base OS on my home laptop (called as…

    Tizen Virtual Box Ubuntu Windows

  2. Environment specific logging based on log4j

    I suppose every big project at last face with logging problems, cause during product lifecycle it should pass throught some environments (development, test, production). Ideally each environment should have its own logging setting. I also faced with this problem, when come to new project this year. The project was started…

    how to java spring log4j enviroments

  3. How to deploy Symfony 2 project on server?

    From time to time I like to perform my hobby projects using new technology. I suppose it is the best to learn new techonology. So for my small search site for phone cases using Amazon API over Amazon Market, I decided to use PHP Symfony 2 framework. Overall impression of…

    php symfony 2 deploy how to