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How to make remote debug of Tizen app with Virtual Box?

Couple week ago I decided to test Tizen framework and started developing sample application. And I faced with problem of poor performance of virtual device for debug on my Linux. I need to tell that I use such layout:

  • Windows 7 as base OS on my home laptop (called as host OS)
  • Linux Ubuntu 12.04 as OS for developing, runned under Virtual Box (called as guest OS)

So there is no suprise that phone emulator works slowly. I have an option to start developing under Windows 7 with proper perfomance, but with Linux I recive a lot of usefull developing tools, that can be hardly replaced on Windows, so I decided to setup remote debugging, so in this case I will perform developing on Linux system, but debuging will perform on Windows host OS, where get best performance.

I was suprised, when find out that there is no clear manual on setting up debug for such layout. I know that there is similar situation with Android emulator, so I start searching in Android topics for solution. And I find out how to enable connection from guest OS to host OS. There is a connections links between systems: from guest OS host system knowed with IP, and accessing guest OS from host OS can be perfomed with IP Then in manuals for Tizen I find out sdb tool, that allows to control Tizen virtual devices and allow to establish connect between remote device and Tizen IDE. Also need to know that default port for Tizen virtual device is 26101. So here are the steps for remote debugging of Tizen app:

  1. Run IDE on guest OS (in my case, it is Ubuntu) and virtual device on host OS (in my case, it is Windows).
  2. Open command line and use command
    sdb connect
  3. That it. In IDE in list of devices you shoould see new device with such IP and port. Now just use it to run and ddebug application.

If you want make debug visa versa (run emulator on guest OS and access it from host OS), just use IP