in Ubuntu Tizen SDK Error ~ read.

Installation of Tizen SDK problem

I faced with problem during installing Tizen SDK on Linux. It is very simple, but that why I even don't think about it.

Official instruction told us to download .bin file for out system and then run it with command


It should start Tizen Install Manager. But in my case I get such message:

The download file appears to be corrupted.
Please do not attempt to install this archive file.

I consider this to be true, some times try to reload bin file in different vesions, but still the same. Google, forum, stackoverflow - nothing helps.

So I next start working with files that unpack to tmp folder from .bin-file and find out the problem from code of .sh run file. Just there should not be any spaces in path to bin file and to tmp folder. Problem of old OS and disks, that I consider alredy disappear from PC, but it seems not so fast. Sh script has code, that could not mahaged with spaces...