About me

Hey, my name is Ivan and I'd like to tell you here some facts about what I am. I'm a software developer with an almost 12 years experience in Java, databases and some front-end technologies. Actually, Java is my primary language, but I'd like to try some new technology out of my work desk. My experience is heavily related to Big Data/Data engineering (Act as Data Tech lead for 5+ years). I try to share my knowledge at this blog, at Stackoverflow, at my Medium blog and as a speaker at technical conferences.


HighLoad 2021
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Pet and test projects


Spring boot example - very simple application with Spring Boot (REST application, JSON views, unit tests, func tests, API versioning) for TechDays conference speech 'Spring Boot vs Grails for RESTfull applications'.

www.iphonecoverfinder.com - Rework of the same project created in 2012 for easily searching phone covers among tons of them. Now it backed with Grails + AngularJS and search for phone covers at dx.com What is used: Grails framework, AngularJS, Openshift.

Discounter Bot - small Telegram bot, that will track prices at online stores and will notify you once the price changed. At current moment you can track prices from several stores. What is used: Grails framework, Groovy, Telegram API, Openshift.

CompanyApp - small test Restful application with AngularJS client. What is used: Java, Jersey, myBatis, Spring, MySQL, JUnit, DBUnit, AngularJS.


KMLGenerator - Generator of KML file (KML format for representing of area in Google Earth in xml file). What is used: Java.

LookAtMe project - code for backend part of a big project that I have created with my friend. I hope I'll have time to tell this story in details. In short, this application to rate your look as fast as possible (e.g. you have 10 minutes before going out and not sure what you should wear). We have added iOS client, but at the alpha we have discovered that it is no future with such user case (yes, we should read "Lean Startup" before:). What is used: Java, Jersey, myBatis, Spring, MySQL, JUnit, DBUnit.

LookAtMe project - an android prototype for mobile client of the project described above. We have used it to create a final mobile client for iOS. What is used: Android SDK, Facebook SDK.

2 level cache - java 2 level cache with support of multithread. Memory + File System. Some details in here. What is used: Java.


Netty_test - small Netty test. What is used: Java, Netty.

SmsFinance - Project for Tizen mobile platform using Tizen SDK. The main idea - parse bank's SMS with charged amount from card to track person's expenditure by categories. Development stopped as it was very hard to find Tizen Device to test application. What is used: JS, Tizen SDK.

TrafficScan - really simple example of using Google Maps API. What is used: Java, Google Maps Api.


Olekstra mobile - small mobile application, which just gives you list of nearest drugstores, which are working with a discount card from Olekstra.ru. I have such card and it was not suitable to find drugstores by visiting the site. What is used: JS, PhoneGap, Jquery.

WebCrawler - Groovy wrapper around Java lib crawler4j with XPath parsing and some example of use and saving to MongoDB. Were created for integration in pet project as core lib. What is used: Java, Crawler4J, Groovy, MongoDB, JSoup.

This blog - I suppose it was a moment to start sharing my experience a little bit. What is used: Ghost.


Java NIO proxy -
Do you know how to make a proxy server? Take a look, simple test for Java NIO. What is used: Java.

iphonecoverfinder.com - A small project created to test Symphony framework and help to look for a case for iphones among tons at Amazon. What is used: Symphony framework, PHP, Amazon API.


Jira Command line client - It was too long ago... Some test project to work with Jira Rest Api and using Java. What is used: Java, Common-Cli, Jira Rest Api.

Jira Command line client -
The same as above, except it was done just to get some idea about Python. What is used: Python, Jira Rest Api.